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Colton Cowser Makes Orioles Opening Day Roster

Updated: Apr 2

Three reasons why you should be excited about MLB’s No. 19 prospect

*Cover Photo Credit: Ulysses Munoz, The Baltimore Banner

Colton Cowser will run down the orange carpet this Thursday.

MLB Pipeline’s 19th best prospect, who celebrated his 24th birthday last Wednesday, has cracked the Orioles’ Opening Day roster. He will serve as a platoon/backup outfielder behind Austin Hays, Cedric Mullins, and Anthony Santander.

Cowser knew that he was going to have to fight hard for the fourth outfield spot on the roster, and that he did. He had an amazing Spring Training, batting .304 with a 1.135 on-base plus slugging percentage and 6 home runs, which tied for third-best amongst Spring Training hitters. He also collected 13 RBIs and worked to a .418 on-base percentage. One of Cowser’s clutch moments of camp came during the very first exhibition game when he walked off the Red Sox with a two-run home run.

I’ve been helping promote the Colton Cowser show to fellow fans all throughout the duration of his development, as I am a huge fan of what the Sam Houston State alumnus brings to the table. I believe that Cowser will take full advantage of this opportunity, work hard, and prove why the Orioles were right to select him fifth overall in 2021 and why they are right to bring him along in their road to the 2024 World Series. Here are three reasons why you should be excited for Colton Cowser.

A Valuable Offensive Approach

Colton Cowser (17) celebrates his walk-off home run to beat the Red Sox in February. Photo: Ulysses Munoz, The Baltimore Banner

This guy has a batter’s eye like I’ve never seen before, one that you barely see in today’s game. As aggressive as hitters are these days, Cowser knows how to work the count and make a pitcher work for his outs. He knows what he wants, and he usually does not chase bad pitches. That’s why his OBP is always so high because he can work a walk and then of course, he gets on base by collecting tons of hits.

In addition, his offensive approach is incredible. Cowser is not a one-field hitter. If I could pull up his spray chart, you’d see that balls land everywhere from left field to right center field to up the middle, everywhere. He does it with line drives, ground balls, doinkers, every way possible. What Cowser does offensively is reminiscent of Orioles great Nick Markakis. Though Cowser gets on base more than Markakis usually did, both worked both fields very well with nice, level swings. I guarantee you their spray charts are very similar if not identical.

Cowser's offense is addicting to watch, and it is crucial towards a team winning big offensive situations. Expect Cowser to work hard in the box and give the lineup chances.

A Touch of Power

As Cowser has grown as a hitter over the past couple of years, so has his power. When you combine power with his current offensive approach as is, then you have a lethal threat in the lineup in Cowser. In 2022, Cowser launched 19 home runs in 139 games for Bowie and Noroflk while slugging .469 with 36 doubles. In even fewer games for Norfolk last season (87), he mashed 17 home runs while slugging .520 with 18 doubles There is no doubt had he played a full Minor League season, he would have reached at least 30 home runs.

As previously mentioned, Cowser’s spray chart is all over the place. The same applies to his “home run spray chart.” Cowser will hit a home run wherever and however he wants, whether he pulls a hanging curveball down the rightfield line or takes an inside fastball to left field. Cowser’s offense as is right now is clutch, but that touch of power in his swing makes him even more annoying to deal with from an opposition’s perspective.

A Clubhouse Personality

Colton Cowser (left), Ryan Mountcastle (right), and I at the 2024 Birdland Caravan.

I’ve only met Cowser a couple of times and while I do not know him closely, I get the feeling that he is a fun-loving guy who is having a good time in professional baseball and has a positive attitude about things. However, you really get to understand Cowser’s personality when you watch his online Q&As and interviews. Cowser is absolutely hysterical, and his sense of humor appears to be infectious within the clubhouse. He seems like a great guy to have as a teammate, and every team needs those types of guys who can bring good vibes, uplift a team with a good personality, and keep the guys laughing even during tough times. Cowser looks like that guy, and perhaps he can use that to his advantage so he can get some help finishing his LEGO Star Wars sets.


I’ve been a fan of Cowser for a while, and you have every reason to be excited about him as well. I know his numbers in the Major Leagues last season aren’t particularly pretty, but he still deserves this roster spot. There is too much potential in Cowser to waste, and I believe after his cup of coffee from last year, he is ready to put everything on full display in his second chance.

Get ready Birdland because the Colton Cowser show is about to happen.

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