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Holy Cowser!

No. 19 prospect Colton Cowser had one incredible week with the Orioles, and he's only getting hotter

*Cover Photo Credit: Ulysses Munoz, The Baltimore Banner

So, the Orioles' offense had slowed down a bit prior to the 3-game sweep of the Minnesota Twins. However, there was one hitter in particular who stayed hot and took a stand to wake up the bats.

That was MLB's No. 19 prospect Colton Cowser, or "The Milkman" as he is now referred to these days.

Colton Cowser recently won AL Player of the Week, and he's been on a ridiculous tear for the Orioles. Photo: The Baltimore Banner

Cowser, a former 5th overall pick from Sam Houston State University, had himself quite the week last week as he took home American League Player of the Week honors after hitting 4 home runs and collecting 12 RBIs from April 9 to 13. In a stretch from April 9 to 17, Cowser has hit .370 with a 1.382 OPS and has entered his name into AL Rookie of the Year conversations very early in the season.

It has been quite the turnaround season for Cowser after hitting just .115 in 26 big league games last year. He is a .400 hitter entering this weekend's 4-game set in Kansas City. Let's take a look at what seems to be clicking right for "Milkman" right now and what is leading to his success with the Orioles early on in the 2024 season.

Playing Time

Cowser initially made the Opening Day roster as a fourth outfielder. In other words, he was playing behind the outfield trio of Austin Hays, Cedric Mullins, and Anthony Santander. Cowser would see starts every few days but other than that, he was kept to pinch-hitting opportunities.

However, Hays has had an abismal start to the season, as he is just 3-for-41 (.073) with a .210 OPS in 17 games. Once the road series in Boston came around, skipper Brandon Hyde made some lineup changes and started Cowser in every game. He went 7-for-13 in the entire 3-game set, and he hit his first career home run in the series finale. He has barely seen the bench since then.

This is what Cowser and the Orioles need. With Hays struggling, the Orioles need to enable everyday chances for Cowser if he is to develop as the first round prodigy that they drafted in 2021. Having him play every three days and pinch-hitting here-and-there is going to do Cowser nothing. Having him get daily at-bats, seeing competitive big league pitching, and having him constantly swinging is what will keep Cowser hot and on the right track. The Orioles are doing the right thing in rewarding him more playing time

Dominance with the Offense

You've seen the stats, and you can obviously tell that Cowser is red hot based off of the numbers. However, watch his swings. Watch his plate approach. Cowser knows what he wants, and he's patiently going only after what he wants. When he gets the pitches, he's putting strong, confident swings on the ball. He is also utilizing the whole field rather than just pull side. He knows he does not have to pull a 450 ft. bomb to right field everytime in order to get the job done. He can flick one the other way, go up the middle, basically put the ball anywhere he wants. When he doesn't get the pitches that he wants, he will still find a way to beat the pitcher with a walk, thus boosting his OBP.

Cowser looks a lot more refreshed and confident at the plate than last season. When the phrase "dominance with the offense" appears, it means that Cowser is literally dominating other teams with a great offensive approach and confident hacks.

Living The Life and Having Fun

Orioles fans love their "milkman," Colton Cowser. Photo: Ulysses Munoz, The Baltimore Banner.

Cowser has historically always been a goofy, fun-loving guy. Birdland first got a glimpse of that in his early Minor League interviews when he revealed his love for LEGO Star Wars. Now, he's soaoking in and enjoying life at the highest stage of the game.

He has embraced the love of the Baltimore fans, who have been nothing but loving and supportive of their top prospect oufielder as he adjusts to a culture shock at the big league level. He's embraced his new nickname, the "Milkman," which was obtained because of his last name having the word "cow" in it. Therefore, fans must "moooooo" Cowser everytime he steps up to the plate and everytime he gets a hit. It's kind of luke when the fans cheered "Cruuuuuz" for 2014 MLB home run king Nelson Cruz or 2010 Most Valuable Oriole Luke Scott.

Does he mind it? Nope. Perhaps it's the luck of the "moooooo" that keeps Cowser swinging the bat so well, that has him helping contribute to Orioles wins. As previously mentioned, Cowser is just a funny guy who is enjoying the big league life and America's national past time.

Moving Forward Ever since he was drafted, therehas always been a lot to look forward to in Cowser. From his batter's eye to his almost seemingly outdated yet successful offensive approach (in today's analytical and power offensive approach), Cowser has the tools to be an everyday stalwart and All-Star for the Orioles in the years to come. As a top prospect who has literally just broken out of the woods, this is his brightest opportunity, his time to shine and avoid being trapped in the woods of Triple-A again like last season.

Fans have every right to be excited about Cowser. Even in a crowded outfield mix, the Orioles need to consider Cowser in their future outfield plans. He is becoming something special as we speak.

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